AUSA Award

AUSA Safety Professional of the Year 2022


Congratulations to the AUSA Safety Professional of the Year 2022 award recipient Rosie O'Halloran of University of Melbourne.


Rosie‘s work included developing a methodology for evaluating and certifying the interior to new University buildings with a green star rating credit for ergonomic design.

We look forward to hosting a webinar session for our members next year, where Rosie will share more details of her work.

Thanks to our award sponsor Lisa Stevens & Mark Noble for chairing the award panel.



Photo shows AUSA President Theresa Walsh presenting the award & Rosie with her award.



About the Award

Earn recognition as a leading health and safety professional and enter the Australasian University Safety Association’s Safety Professional of the Year Award.

We want to hear from you about the significant contribution you’ve made to your workforce’s health and safety practices.


Nominations are open to AUSA members who work in health and safety at a tertiary education or research organisation.


To enter, you must:

  • demonstrate how you’ve implemented safety, health and wellbeing work within your department, organisation or within our sector
  • show how this work has had a significant positive impact on your department, organisation or within our sector
  • share how others can apply your work as a best practice example for the sector
  • have permission to publicly promote details about the project from the organisation you completed the work for
  • have endorsement from a current AUSA member