Membership Eligibility

A person is eligible for membership of the Association if they are employed and active in a health, safety, environment or related field —

  1. in the Australasian tertiary education sector: or
  2. Australasian research institutes; or
  3. other Australasian allied industries where a genuine University connection can be established; or
  4. in a non-Australasian tertiary education sector;
  5. and provided their membership, in the opinion of the committee, does not compromise the objectives of the Association.

Special eligibility during COVID-19: Existing members who are made redundant (both voluntarily or enforced) during the period from May 2020 up to June 2021 will not be removed from the membership of the Association if they provide the Secretary with their personal email address. This special eligibility will be reviewed at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.



Exclusive benefits of membership include:

  • Membership of the mailing list
  • Optional membership of special interest groups