July 2023
Safe & Reliable Gas Reticulation Systems - Tue Jul 11
This session will discuss: • Understanding Gas Reticulation Systems • Typical challenges in design and maintenance • Styles of assemblies available • Understanding safety and operational benefits . ... more
Safe & Reliable Gas Reticulation Systems
Jul 11

Safe & Reliable Gas Reticulation Systems

Date & Time
11 July 2023 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Neglecting gas reticulation systems can result in loss of gases, potential safety incidents, lost research efficiency and downtime.  
When these systems are not user-friendly and difficult to operate & maintain, it can lead to higher safety risks on campus. 
It is now time to take action to protect your people when operating these systems, through proper selection, design and overall training.

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