Mailing List

The Australasian University Safety Association Inc. has a mailing list that exists exclusively for the exchange of information by AUSA members on WHS and related issues in the University environment. Postings of a commercial nature are not welcome.

Subscription to the mailing list is a benefit of AUSA membership. Please refer to the “About” section of this web site for information on how to join the AUSA, including a membership application form to download and complete.

Mailing list information for members

The AUSA Mailing List/Discussion Board is hosted by Google Groups. Members may choose between interacting with the list via email, or via the web interface at The web interface has many advantages, including access to the archive of past postings.

Please note that use of the mailing list is subject to the Google Terms of Service.

  • Posting to the group

    To send a message to the AUSA group:

    • via email: send an email to This method is available to all members.
    • via the web interface: login to and click the “+ new post” button. The content of your post will be emailed to all members according to their indvidual settings. When you reply to a message it will be recorded on the discussion topic so all members can track the conversation. This method is available to those using Advanced Subscription Options.

    The discussion board is not moderated for each submission but is checked regularly and inappropriate material will be removed. Inappropriate material includes material of a commercial nature, and any material that is potentially inflammatory, offensive or illegal. Repeat offenders may be banned from the group.

    When sending messages to the group, please include your contact details so responses can easily be directed to you.

  • Sharing Files/attachments with the group

    To share a file (such as a PDF, a Word document or a picture) with the AUSA group, you can either:

    • email the file as an attachment: send an email to with your file as an attachment. This method is available to all members.
    • upload and share the file online with members using Google Docs: follow the instructions at Google Docs Help: Sharing: Share a doc with a mailing list. This method is available to those who have created a Google Account to access the AUSA group (see Creating a Google Account below).
  • Subscription options

    There are two classes of subscription options available to you as a list member.  The class of subscription options you use is a personal choice.

    • Advanced Subscription Options

      To use Advanced Subscription Options, you must:

      • visit the mailing list web page at
      • Sign In using a Google account linked to the email address with which you are subscribed to the mailing list.  See below for Creating a Google Account if you do not have one.

      Once signed in to Google Groups, you can:

      • unsubscribe from the list
      • change your subscribed email address
      • choose the frequency with which you receive emails (eg daily digest vs receiving each posting separately)
      • access the archive of past postings to the list (note: the archive only contains postings made while Google Groups was in use for this list, ie since March 2010 )
      • create a personal profile if desired
      • post directly to the list from a web form.

      Those using Advanced Subscription Options can also access all Basic Subscription Options.

    • Basic Subscription Options

      The following options are available without Signing In to Google Groups:

      • post to the list by sending an email to
      • receive emails from the list to your nominated email account
      • unsubscribe from the list by clicking the link provided at the end of each message received
      • choose the frequency with which you receive emails (eg daily digest vs receiving each posting separately), or request any other assistance you require, by sending an e-mail to the list administrator at

Creating a Google Account

Creating a Google account is free and requires only that you supply minimal personal information and agree to the Terms of Service.

Note: if you do not wish to use Advanced Subscription Options, you do not need to create a Google account.  Please refer to Basic Subscription Options above.

To create an account:

  • Go to
  • Click “Sign in to Google Groups”
  • Click “Create an account” and follow the instructions
    NOTE: it is easier to use the email address supplied with your AUSA registration (usually your work email address). To do this, ensure that you click on the “I prefer to use my current email address” link below the username field.
  • Now when you sign in at, you can access the post archive and membership options.
  • Note: if you wish to use a pre-existing Google account to access the AUSA list, you will need to make sure you have linked the Google account to the email address with which you are subscribed to AUSA. You can do this by editing the email addresses in your Google account, via the “My Account” page .


If you need assistance at any time, please contact the list administrator at