Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Data Classification Standard
(For Tertiary Education and Research Institutions)
Author: Re-wire Working Group

Safety Bulletin -
Fluoride ion compound / HydroFluoric Acid (HF)

The purpose of this Standard is to identify and enable the alignment of data relating to health and safety across the tertiary education and research institution sector. Specifically this Standard provides a framework to capture and record information in a manner intended to permit the classification and categorisation of data associated with incidents, hazards, and other safety related practices.

It is recognised that Institutions utilise a diversity of systems with differing data capture requirements and Institutions may choose not to use all detailed classifications and categories. It is also acknowledged that Institutions may wish to recommend to the AUSA Executive the inclusion of additional classifications and categories and/or add to local system classifications and categories to accommodate local operational needs.

Supporting the primary focus of AUSA to promote the exchange of information on health, safety and related topics between professionals working in universities and allied industries, AUSA offers a suite of Safety Bulletins covering topics relevant to our members.